Choice of feed

For the feeding of our birds we have a sole feed supplier, NANTA (company belonging to the Nutreco group). NANTA offers the best guarantees of quality and traceability (it has implemented the internationally recognised standard ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System), in addition, thanks to the traceability control system of the Nutreco companies -Nutrace-, NANTA can guarantee the traceability of our products, following the premise "From the farm to the table" advocated by the European Commission's White Paper on Food Safety. Their controls range from suppliers of raw materials, sampling at reception, manufacturing process controls, and end product checks.

The wide distribution of factories across Spain enables the timely supply according to the needs on the farms. The proximity to the farms and the close contact with the farmers makes the quality of the service excellent. NANTA also provides us with their formulation service for food rations, and advice from expert nutrologists, with whom we design the different ranges of feed for our chicks, hens and chickens, according to their nutritional requirements, and according to their age and productive level.