Fattening farms

When the day-old chicks arrive at the fattening farm, it is already prepared with the required temperature, with feed and water that is freely available to them. Farmers of all stages are professionals and aware of the importance of each step in the production chain. This breeding phase lasts approximately 45 days, in which we offer the chickens an optimum environment, both in the summer and the winter, in terms of temperature, humidity, ventilation, ... and respecting and complying with all current regulations on Animal Welfare which, together with all the health and food safety controls allow us, on the one hand, to ensure that the productive yields of our chickens are close to their maximum genetic potential and, on the other hand, to guarantee the consumers of our products that they are safe and produced respecting Environmental and Animal Welfare standards. Finally, the transfer of the chickens to the processing plants is carried out in compliance with the Animal Welfare standards