Environmental management policy

GRUPO SADA considers the attention paid to environmental and energy aspects as a factor to be considered within the area of its business, production and marketing of poultry products. For this reason, it is committed to gradually introducing environmental and energy criteria into its activities, in such a way that the work carried out in the different areas of the Group can be guaranteed and takes these factors into account. With the implementation of this policy, GRUPO SADA establishes the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment as one of its strategic objectives, as well as the optimisation of energy consumption by gradually involving the different organisational divisions and each and every one of the employees that form part of such divisions.

The basic principles that govern this Group Environmental Policy are:

Preventing pollution

Adopting the available technical improvements with the ultimate aim of minimising the negative environmental impact deriving from our activities.

Availability of information and resources

Ensuring the availability of information and resources to achieve the objectives and goals.

Continuous adaptation to the applicable regulations

Complying with environmental and energy legislation applicable to each production centre in all areas (community, national, autonomous and municipal), demanding that we comply on an internal level with current legislation, as well as any other requirements that the organisation subscribes to.

Continuous improvement

Establishing environmental and energy optimisation goals and targets to ensure continuous improvement, based on continuous evaluation of the Environmental and Energy Management System and a tool such as undertaking audits.

Communication and maintenance

Documenting, implementing and updating the content of this Policy and ensuring that all employees have access to it.

Energy performance

Ensuring that the new energy products and services that are acquired are energy efficient.

The content of this Policy is available to the public.