Incubation of eggs

Once they have arrived at our Incubation Plants, we proceed with a new disinfection and classification before the introduction of the eggs into the incubators, where they will be kept for 18 days in conditions that have controlled temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning, supervised by the personnel of the plant. Then we transfer these eggs to the hatching machines, where they are also kept in controlled environmental conditions and after 3 days the chicks will be born. After birth, we classify them, we sex them (optional) and count them to place them in the boxes for transportation to the farm. At this time, we also apply some vaccines to prevent possible diseases. In all phases of the incubation, very thorough sanitary controls, both environmental and of the surfaces, are carried out ... to ensure that the chicks that we produce comply with the highest standards of sanitary quality. Transport from the incubation plants to the fattening farms is also carried out in trucks in a controlled environment.