At Grupo SADA we consider Corporate Social Responsibility to be our top priority and we know that only the companies that are very well connected with the society and consumers are successful.

2020 vision

The increase in world population, urbanization, the growing middle class and changes in food will lead to an increased demand for protein, especially in emerging markets. Of course, this brings opportunities for the feed industry to increase its business, but there are issues with sustainability, such as scarcity of resources, food safety, animal welfare, resistance to antibiotics, pollution, climate change and loss of biodiversity.

When analysing these problems, we conclude that Nutreco is well-placed to contribute to a more sustainable food chain. We are present throughout the world, we have extensive specialised and progressive knowledge of nutrition, and high standards of quality and safety from feed to the produce itself. These qualities are supported by excellent technical and innovative skills, as well as the ability to turn our nutritional solutions into practical products tailored to local needs.

The first step in defining our vision was to identify key sustainability issues in our industry. We use surveys conducted by third parties, such as the FAO, the World Economic Forum and the European Union, the issues raised at our biennial Agri Vision and AquaVision conferences, and the definition of local problems by our businesses around the world.

We can control what macro and micro-ingredients we buy and their conversion into feed and related products; but our influence is more limited with regard to how the ingredients are produced and transported, and how our products are used on farms. We are going to establish cooperative relations with our customers and suppliers to achieve the 2050 target of doubling food production by halving the carbon footprint.

By 2020 we will have significantly reduced our carbon footprint, while at the same time helping to feed a growing global population in a sustainable manner. Our achievements will inspire others to do the same. We will focus our efforts on four fields.