Rearing of breeders

The rearing starts with the housing of the pullets from one day old, which we are provided with on behalf of our hen suppliers. The genetic breeds that we use are leaders in the world market, and in them we seek a productive balance from the pullet to the chicken carcasses. During rearing, the pullets are kept in a controlled environment in terms of temperature, humidity, lighting, ... so that their stress levels are minimal, and together with a balanced diet, we achieve chicks that are reared with regular weights and according to the standards of the breeds used, as well as a regular sexual development. In this phase, we apply the vaccines against the main diseases that the birds can be susceptible to, so that we get a high immune level for the hens themselves and also for the chicks that will be their offspring. At around 20 weeks of age, we move the pullets to the laying farms.