Grupo SADA relies on an important structure that guarantees the distribution of our products both within Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, and worldwide.

The products we produce and sell, both fresh and frozen, are directly distributed to our customers, through our 24 business delegations, distributed across Spain as well as having business delegations in France and Portugal.

We have both direct and indirect distribution to our customers, by means of different distributors in every province. To achieve this, we have more than 260 distribution routes that reach every point of the country, organised by our business delegations and according to the conditions required for each type of product.

The distribution of our products complies with all the quality specifications that Grupo SADA has and at all times.

We serve customers daily through diverse channels:

  • Modern channel: Supermarkets and supermarket chains.
  • Traditional channel: Markets, small retail groups, local shops.
  • Horeca channel - Food Service: Mass catering, catering, rotisseries, bars, restaurants.

In short, we supply countless customers from all types of businesses related to the food industry and consumption of our product.

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