Grupo Sada

R & D & I

We have 2 research centres:

The Research Centre for Poultry and Rabbits, Poultry Research Centre (PRC), develops research programmes that are designed according to the specific needs of the poultry and rabbit industry.

Problems related with animal welfare, the use of natural products in the feeding of birds and rabbits, and the strict control of production systems are the topics that our team of researchers at the centre dedicate their every effort to, in order to find the best solutions, for the sake of the very best productive efficiency, while respecting the ethical standards in the handling of the animals and carrying out a thorough quality control in the end product. This centre is equipped with some of the best facilities that exist for this type of activity in Europe.

Also in Toledo (Lominchar) is the Food Research Centre (FRC). Its main lines of research focus on the development of new products based on chicken meat, food preservation and issues related to meat quality and food safety throughout the entire production chain.