The production system used by our group, 100% integrated and vertical, allows us to control the entire production cycle, from breeding grandmothers, breeding mothers, the feed for chickens on farms, their transportation, processing, cutting and packaging, to the distribution of the end product, all this allows us to create and apply very detailed traceability and quality control procedures in every stage of production.

Traceability is an essential factor for us in the continuous improvement programme in terms of food safety. That is the fundamental objective of the Nutrace ® technology, developed by Nutreco and which started to be applied in 2002.

Nutrace ® brings together all the essential information collected from the food production chain, which is collected and filed in a database. In that way, in Grupo Sada we can follow the movement of all the information and products that enter the chain and trace it from its origin until the time that it is being considered, in real time.

Nutrace ® technology represents important progress in traceability and food safety.

The quality and food safety system that is implemented and based on HACCP and the Codex Alimentarius, which is implemented in all our slaughtering and cutting plants, allows us to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.